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Amruttulya Tea: A love affair for centuries

Be it any season around the year, the chai will always be the center of the stage that brings everyone together.

Amruttulya: A Love Affair

In a country like India, where every little thing is celebrated, chai is one such ritual that has seen glorification of its own. Though a cup of chai only lasts for a few minutes, those few minutes give us unforgettable memories. And that is why since the beginning of time, chai has been an inseparable part of our lives. Chai or Amruttulya as it is called in Maharashtra holds the highest place in our daily diet. And because to keep that love evolving and everlasting, we see many chai shops, chai cafes, and “Amruttulya” all over the country serving chai to all the chai lovers out there.

It is that symbol of our lives that reflect a love language, unity, and diversity and travels all those distances that cannot be taken barefoot. Chai is one of the constant things that has not changed and that is why this Amruttulya is known as the celebration of life.

Why is Chai called Amruttulya in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, you will find the majority of the tea shops are recognized as Amruttulya. Well, there is a beautiful meaning behind why they are called so. “Amrut” stands for “Nectar” and Tulya stands for “Comparable”. When both are combined, it means “Compared to the Nectar” which is sweet, savory, satisfying, and exhilarating. It is the amalgamation of all the wonderful things including, the sugar, milk, loose tea leaves, chai masala, ginger, cardamom, all of that boil together that lingers the soothing aroma of the mixture everywhere and then a cup of that nectar served to you that you can never refuse.

A love affair for centuries

There are tremendously infinite reasons as to why Amruttulya is like a love affair for all of us. Even for the coffee drinkers, there is that little corner in their heart that surely craves that masala cutting chia once in a while. It bonds all of us at the moment. Remember our parents saying “chai pe bulaya hai” which is very common. When anyone comes to our home, we welcome them with a cup of chai and then the talk is endless. It is the most important ritual when it comes to hospitality.

Being a chai fan you would be able to tell how this Amruttulya has changed your life and the memories associated with it. Be it taking your girlfriend to the first chai-date or sneaking out with your hostel friends in the middle of the night to drink that cuppa on a cold December night is nothing but the love that is associated with this nectar.

A cup of this Amruttulya is what binds us together because no matter who we are, where we belong, or what we do, this Amruttulya aka chai is one such thing is we all love unconditionally and undeniably.



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