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Ashwini Amruttulya Tea....Always Makes Your Mood Every Time.

Ashwini Amruttulya Best Tea
Ashwini Amruttulya Tea Taste

Ashwini Amruttulya Tea has many flavors of chai that you can choose from, which can lift your mood from dull to cheerful.

“कॉफी पर सिर्फ दुनियादारी की रस्में निभाई जाती हैं।

रिश्ते तो आज भी चाय पर ही बनते हैं।“

When it comes to a beverage like Chai, every Indian will come running to it where it is being served. Be it having the chai in the morning while reading the newspaper or with your parents or with your partner on the verandah or balcony, or taking those quick tea breaks during the busy workday, chai is something that not only refreshes you but gives you the reason to connect to the new person or the same person in a completely different manner.

And to keep that emotion alive, Ashwini Amruttulya has left no stone unturned to offer the best-tasting chai all over the country. Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy a cup of chai with their loved ones and families. And that is why, Ashwini Amruttulya has made sure that they serve love, friendship & togetherness through its flavorful chai to its customers who miss their homes.

What makes Ashwini Amruttulya stand out?

Ashwini Amruttulya is not only about serving a cup of chai, but we also believe in identifying the taste of the customers, what they like and the new trends we can adapt so that our customers are always satisfied when they visit Ashwini Amruttulya.

Not only do we serve the regular and most loved masala chai that has an amazing flavor of many aromatic and healthy herbs and spices boiled together with milk, water and sugar, but we also have a wide collection of other items. These beverages include black lemon tea, jaggery tea, masala milk, cold coffee, chocolate coffee, chocolate tea, hot coffee, kullhad chai and many more.

In a nutshell, if you visit Ashwini Amruttulya, you have got many options for chai and coffee to choose from. As much as we and most of us are chai fans, we also know and respect that there is a chunk of people who adore coffee. And that is why, if you are at Ashwini Amruttulya, it is the place where you can find your beloved beverage that can lift your mood to an entirely different level. Thus, do visit Ashwini Amruttulya that feels like home!



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