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10 Easy Steps To Start A Tea Franchise From Scratch - The Best Tea Franchise Module In India

The Best Tea Franchise Module In India

Learn how to start a tea franchise from scratch with our 10 easy steps. Discover the best tea franchise module in India and embark on a profitable journey in the tea industry. You will be provided with all the training that you need to run an Ashwini Amruttulya franchise.

The popularity of the divine drink that is “Chai” is growing rapidly with each passing day. And it is just not us Indians who are crazy about it, in other countries, especially in the US where coffee is a staple morning drink, it is now being replaced by Chai. The biggest reason behind this is the health benefits that the chai offers and most importantly how it is beneficial for good metabolism. Thatswhy, more and more chai businesses are being opened these days. If you are someone who is passionate about chai and a hardcore “Chai Lover”, why not open a business of yours and sell the best of the chai to the tea drinkers out there?

Well, it is indeed a lucrative opportunity, especially when you get all the assistance that you need. That is right, when you consider applying for a franchise of Ashwini Amruttulya, one of the India’s leading tea franchise, things are not only going to be sailing smooth for you but the return on investment is going to be super quick. Here are the 10 easy steps on how you can get started with a tea franchise from scratch with Ashwini Amruttulya.

Step 1

The very first step is, of course, applying for the franchise. You can either do that by making a direct call or fill out the form given on the Ashwini Amruttulya website with all your personal details and what location you would like to have for the franchise along with a short message of how you can be the perfect fit as a franchise owner of Ashwini Amruttulya. Once you have the form filled out, the team of Ashwini Amruttulya will reach out to you with further information.

Step 2

The next step involves all the discussions regarding where you want to open the franchise, what location you are looking to open the shop in the city and why and how everything can be done from here.

Step 3

The investment needed to open up an Ashwini Amruttulya franchise is not more than 3.90 lakhs.

Step 4

The owner and the entire team of Ashwini Amruttulya will do the entire setup needed for the chai shop. This means, you choose the location and everything will be done by the team of Ashwini.

Step 5

The painting and plumbing work will be done by the franchise owner.

Step 6

You will be provided with all the training that you need to run an Ashwini Amruttulya franchise. Right from how the tea is made and how the quality and taste of it should be maintained all the time.

Step 7

You will be offered local and TV ad support along with all the ground support.

Step 8

Ashwini Amruttulya also has its own application, specially built for the franchise owners of all outlets across India through which they can order all the material needed for the stall.

Step 9

Once you have successfully opened up the franchise with complete support from the Ashwini Amruttulya team, you can start expecting a turnover of at least 12,000 per day.

Step 10

Become a successful entrepreneur with Ashwini Amruttulya!



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