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Who Says a Cup of Chai cannot be a Summer Drink?

If you are someone who suffers from a lot of digestive issues during summers, a hot cup of chai is just your drink!

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Happiness is….

A cup of hot chai

After a walk home in hot weather

You are shocked after reading what you just read! Let’s just get over this myth that chai is not good for us during those hot summer days. You have heard this a thousand times when you are about to sip that hot cup of chai at 11:00 am and someone says, “It is just too hot to have chai, let’s just get a soda or an iced tea instead.” Well, to your surprise, a hot cup of tea is recommended during summers because they help you feel “COOLER”.

Summers are extremely challenging and changing all the time. Some days, it is a heatwave causing us not to leave the air-conditioned room. Sometimes it is the hot wind that just makes us feel sick and then comes the night when the temperature starts to drop a bit giving us a sigh of relief. With such fluctuations in temperature, our body is constantly trying to adapt to the changes and at times can suffer from dehydration, indigestion, and a disturbed electrolyte balance. There are many reasons why hot chai is one of the best drinks during summers because firstly it is hot and that is why it makes you sweat that ultimately giving a cooling effect. Also, when you are consuming a hot cup of chai, your body’s cooling system gets triggered and after some time you start to feel relaxed.

Hot chai for a cool body

Much to the delight of chai lovers, even the science backs the fact that why you must sip on that chai every day, be it scorching summers or shivering winters. Many scientific studies have suggested that one should not think of skilling chai during extremely hot summers because it helps in cooling down your body. The explanation is simple when you drink hot chai, it induces your sweating process because there is an increased heat load in the body which is making you sweat more. And since your sweat output has increased because of drinking chai, your body is evaporating more sweat resulting in cooling down.

On the other hand, if you are consuming iced or cold beverages like sodas, iced teas, and lemonades, it will have a warming effect on your body. Well, it is a simple connection of the “yin” and “yang” that needs to be balanced out and it can only happen when you consume hot chai. Now there are certain tricks to make your chai feel cooler in your stomach by making a few changes but not compromising on the taste. Instead of using a lot of ginger, you can make a masala chai by crushing green cardamom and a few fennel seeds, and just a hint of ginger because the cuppa is incomplete without it. And this concoction will not only taste great but it will soothe your stomach and you will not feel any kind of discomfort on a sunny day.



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