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Turn your Passion for Chai into Profession with Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise

Your chai dream is almost going to come true with Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise, you are just one step away.

Turn your Passion for Chai into Profession with Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise

Chai has been an integral part of our lives since the beginning of time. It is a multi-functional drink that can be consumed for almost everything. Be it for leisure or for medicinal purposes, chai has always been an extremely crucial part of Indian culture. Given that point, numerous chai points have opened across the country serving the best of masala chai to ensure that the chai culture lives among people of all age groups. And if you are someone who is passionate about chai and all of these things, here is your chance to turn your passion into a profession and become an entrepreneur.

Yes, you heard that right! You have that excellent opportunity to offer the most loved chai in town with Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise. The interesting thing about Ashwini Amruttulya is that we serve the authentic masala chai that everyone craves. Right from using all the good quality ingredients such as cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and of course, the tea leaves, makes the chai taste out of this world and is loved by professionals, students, and senior citizens. The only thing we strive for is to satisfy the “Tea Buds” of our customers and so far, we have been successful in doing it. So, here’s what having an Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise can do for you and turn the tables around with your passion.

● An appealing location and customer convenience are always kept as a priority.

● Lifetime agreement for the franchise, which means, you can make a living out of it.

● An area around 150 sq. and no worries for parking at all.

● All the raw materials are to be purchased from the given sources of Ashwini Amruttulya including tea powder, sugar, milk, and tea masala. Estimates are calculated based on every outlet and under ideal testing conditions.

● Staff training is already included in the franchise fee, thus, no worries to train the workers at all.

You must have heard before that owning a franchise is one of the most tiring tasks to be commenced and to be continued. But with the Ashwini Amruttulya franchise, right from the beginning, the entire process is going to be extremely smooth and easy for you as we are going to be there at every step of the way to guide you through your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Our promise to serve the best special tea to our customers remains intact with our every franchise and provides employment to every individual who is in need of work. So, what are you waiting for! Since you are passionate about tea, it is the perfect time to own the Ashwini Amruttulya franchise. Contact us right away!



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