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Three Reasons to Fall in Love With Amruttulya Chai

Chai can heal you externally and internally with its magic that one can never see!

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Have you ever wondered about the people who sit with a cup in their hands, read a book, or write something all alone? Well, those are the coffee people because they want to feel private for their whereabouts and just want to be alone. Whereas, when it comes to our beloved chai, it is always about socializing, laughing, sharing, giggling, and doing everything that involves your loved ones. That is the beauty of chai as it can bring everyone together no matter where they belong.

Though there are numerous reasons to fall in love with Amruttulya Chai and if one starts to count them down, the entire lifetime would not be enough to describe the goodness of this flavorful nectar. But a few can surely be explained as chai is that drink that one cannot just have enough of.

1 Amazing health benefits

“Beta...I will make a nice cup of masala chai for your cold,” we always get to hear this whenever we are down with flu and a cuppa can do that wonder to kicking that cold out of your body. Well, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, all have their respective health benefits and offer us a whole bouquet of immunity that we all need in such tough times. With these immune-boosting properties, chai is not only medicine to all the small and big flu but also a tasty one too!

2 Big tray of choices

Coffee lovers might enjoy the various blends including the Colombian, Cuban, French but the blend that the chai offers is inexplicable. Be it just a plain black tea or a strong milk tea or a masala chai, you get the taste that suits your mood and your taste buds. But the chai gets extra special when it is blended with the milk and all the spices as this is the most popular form of drinking chai that adds warmth and uniqueness to everything.

3 Chai connects people

In a country like India, where you will find numerous “Amruttulya” aka chai stalls at every nook and corner of the city, it has become a culture for everyone to gather around and discuss various kinds of things over a cup of chai. Chai is that conduit between people where it does not give any scope to divide people and ensures that everyone from different walks of their lives gathers irrespective of where they belong and sip that cup of happiness with one another. Just like our phones, chai connects people, and that connection cannot be measured in terms of money.

As it is rightly said “A cup of tea is a cup of peace” that you can have any time without having to think anything. And that cup of peace can be happily found at Ashwini Amruttulya tailormade as per your taste buds. Be it a foggy cold winter morning or chilled rainy noon, we at Ahswini Amruttulya always keep our hearts open to serve you the best cuppa of your day!



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