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The Three Types of Chai Lovers

When it comes to chai, there are different kinds of chai lovers and drinkers that you will find on this planet.

Types of Chai Lovers

Every chai lover in India is extremely loyal to the drink. No matter what happens in the world, that chai time can never be missed out at any cost. Every single person who is a chai lover will have a certain ritual that ought to be followed at any cost. In your entire lifetime, you will come across different kinds of chai lovers who take the drink so seriously that even any national issue would fall short in front of it. There would be no wonder if our government makes a “Chai Law” for our country to pay respect to the ultimate chai lovers who have been continuing this tradition for centuries.

To prove how chai is the most loved drink, here are the classic three types of chai lovers that you will find everywhere.

#1 “Dil Se” chai lovers

These chai lovers can never beat anyone if a chai competition is ever hosted. If you are that classic “chai ke premi” you would understand what it means. Right from the morning till the end of the day, these chai lovers what their cuppa every step of the way because without that their mind doesn’t function. The routine chai is fixed but if something else comes up such as a meeting or a get-together with friends or guests at home then those bonus cup of chai becomes like a cherry on top. In short, these types of chai lovers are genuinely in love with the drink and are ever ready to have it.

#2 The occasional chai lovers

You will never find even a single person on this planet who hates chai. Even for the coffee addicts, drinking a cup of chai occasionally would come as an ode. A cup of chai can soothe you if you are not well and warm you up on a chilly day which a cup of coffee surely cannot do. Therefore, one will always come across these occasional chai drinkers who no matter what find comfort only in that cuppa and not any other drink.

#3 “Katta” or “Adda” chai lovers

And then comes that section who only love to drink chai at their usual spot which is popularly known as “katta” in Maharashtra or “chai adda” everywhere else. These chai drinkers ensure that they call up all their friends at their favorite tea stall and enjoy the flavorful cutting chai with all the friends around while sharing numerous jokes and laughs. You will surely relate to this one as we all have that one friend who will call and say “6 baje chai katta pe milte hai” and no matter where you are on this earth, you would make sure to reach there on time and share the cuppa with everyone.

In India, drinking chai is a serious business and every chai lover will surely relate to all these three types that are mentioned above. If you know any different type of chai lover in your circle, do comment and let us know because we would love to hear your side of the story!



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