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Keep Your Immunity Strong this Monsoon Season with Chai

As much as we love the monsoon season, it comes with a downside as well, and that is why you must ensure to boost your immunity

Keep Your Immunity Strong this Monsoon Season with Chai.

Monsoon season brings along joy and chilled weather but also brings the flu season. And especially, in the times when COVID-19 is still lingering around, we all always look for ways to protect ourselves and boost our immunity by consuming various superfoods. And chai as we all know is one of the greatest and proven superfoods that can boost your immunity if consumed daily. And well, for us desis, nobody needs to tell us that drink chai to boost immunity because the majority of us function because of chai.

A cup of chai is extremely helpful in keeping us healthy, fit, and hydrated. And craving for a cup of chai during monsoon is a heart’s calling that you are not supposed to ignore. Monsoon is indeed a beautiful season because it brings greenery, and we all do not want to hear it but monsoon does come with various viruses and infections. That is why every family needs to take some extra precautions to keep the diseases at bay. The air carries a lot of germs and bacteria and that is why we all need to make sure to maintain a lifestyle that involves immunity-boosting as a routine that cannot be broken. Therefore, to ensure that you are away from infections and sickness, you do not have to do anything fancy, just a cup of chai every day, and you are sorted for the season.

“Adrak wali chai” for the win

You will notice that every tea stall around you stresses more on “adrak wali chai” during the monsoons because there is a specific reason behind it. The first being is that we all crave adrak wali chai when it is raining because there is a certain comfort in it. And second, ginger has tremendous health benefits and medicinal properties. If you are feeling feverish or having a sore throat, or coughing or sneezing, a piece of ginger in your chai will not only boost your immunity and metabolism, but it will give you instant relief from all the virus symptoms.

Just like ginger, the tea also has many medicinal benefits to it. And now with the changing times, there are certain modifications that are seen in the way the tea is brewed, there are additions such as flowers, herbs, and various other spices that people love to experiment with. For instance, to boost immunity, there is an option of peppermint tea, lemon tea, and chamomile tea and many tea stalls across India have started selling all these types of brews as well. During the flu season, one must ensure to consume at least one chai by boiling water and milk together and then adding, tea leaves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, peppercorn, clove, and tulsi leaves because drinking this concoction will help you big time in fighting that flu off and up your immunity game.



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