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Early Morning Chai and Winters: A Combo That Everyone Loves

Chai during winters can be extremely beneficial for health because of the spices that are added to it.


For us Indians, when we talk about winters and the cold harsh weather, we all think about a hot cup of masala chai that can instantly act as a heating source inside of our bodies. For us, winter is another reason to drink chai and simply relax during that time. There is no doubt about the fact that winter mornings can be tough to get you out of that bed. But while you are in your bed thinking to stay in bed for the rest of the day under that warm and cozy blanket, you suddenly smell the refreshing aroma of chai that your mom is brewing, and you simply get out of your bed and rush towards the kitchen to ensure that your share is also there. Well, that is the magic of this drink, isn’t it!

Once you have that cup of chai in the morning, you simply rush to get ready for work or college. And as you approach your destination, you again start to smell that aroma lingering all over the place and that is when you realize that you need another cup of chai this morning because it is your favorite “chai wale bhaiya” who is brewing the first batch of this morning and you just cannot miss it. And then there’s the usual thing that happens, you mingle around with your friends and stand right next to the chai shop because while you sip that flavorful nectar, you still want to smell the fresh brewing chai coming from the tea stall.

“Adrak Wali Chai” is a must-have

Every tea stall in India is bound to have “Adrak Wali Chai” or masala chai because that is what makes it the best drink ever on planet earth. Especially during winters, ginger, cardamom, and clove are the best elements to put in your body as they help with cough, cold, fevers, chills, and keep up with your immune system. The cup of chai in winters is like finding your comfort in winters with a cup of chai now and then.

If you are looking to find that comfort, Ashwini Amruttulya is one such happy place where you not only get the best tasting masala chai, but also a cup full of love and warmth that adds the extra flavor to it. With a target to expand its name with over 500 franchises across India, Ashwini Amruttulya aims to serve the perfectly tasting and healthiest chai on planet earth. All you need to do is visit and experience its delicious hospitality in a flavorful cup of chai.



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