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Amruttulya aka Chai: There's More to it Than it Meets the Eye

There are over 1 billion people who sip chai every day that makes it one of the most popular drinks in the country.

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When we talk about Indian culture, the first thing that comes to our minds is the flavorful chai that is served in every household. No matter how diverse our country is, chai is that conduit that unites all the individuals from all the facets of life together with one another. And that is the beauty of this drink. As they say, “beauty is in simplicity” chai is one classic example of it. Not just it is one of the most economical drinks, but it is an amalgamation of many healthy and tasty flavors altogether.

You will surely remember when you first time walked into the kitchen with the determination of learning to cook something, your mom must have surely taught you how to make a cup of chai the first thing. When we learn to cook, the first step is to learn about how to prepare chai, isn’t it! And undoubtedly it became your first favorite drink in the whole wide world. Now when we say that when it comes to chai there’s more to it than it meets the eye is because it is not just about combining two parts of milk with one part of water with a heap of tea leaves, some crushed ginger, cardamom, clove and nutmeg and of course a shot of sugar to turn on the sweetness. Well, apart from how it is made, there is more that it does to our entire human race.

There are two things that the British Empire gave to our country, and we cannot thank them enough for that. One is the outstanding infrastructure and the other one is the “chai”. Britishers are the ones who taught Indians to drink black tea by adding a bit of milk and sugar to it. But since we Indians know how to turn things interesting, we came up with the recipe of masala chai that whoever drinks goes head over heels with it.

The ultimate conversation starter

Have you ever heard about the “ice breaker”, well chai does that job efficiently. Whether you have gone on a first date, on a chai break with your colleagues, or met your potential to-be spouse for the first time, a cup of chai always helps in breaking that ice and start a communication with each other that feels comforting. Therefore, if you feel how a cup of chai aka Amruttulya can add so much value to your life, then you are on the right path because “There’s much more to it than it meets the eye”!



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