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A Cup of Chai: Reason to Come Together and Share Love

Chai is the reason why people come together, share ideas, laugh, and create new memories.

A Cup of Chai: Reason to Come Together and Share Love

You are not a full-blooded desi if you do not understand the emotion behind a cup of chai. In India, this cup of chai has played such a crucial role that we all see the little and big chai shops in almost every street nowadays. For the college students, “Chai Katta” is that place where they first greet and meet each other every morning, sip that cutting chai and then move on with the day. For teachers and professors, the chai break is extremely vital so that they can discuss the future of their students while sipping that adrak wali chai.

In a nutshell, we all have a story when it comes to the cup of chai. Be it our college days, or office breaks, or reunion meets at your favorite chai stall. Chai is that element of our lives that is the most important reason why it brings us together.

A cup of Amruttulya: The Social Currency

For decades, chai has always been a social drink in which everyone finds a kind of comfort. The cup of chai feels a little more grounded as compared to other kinds of drinks. That is why it is considered as an opportunity to catch up with those old buddies, make new relationships, discuss new ideas, and basically network because no stress is associated with this drink.

Be it that “subah ki chai” at home or “kullhad vali chai” at a chai café or during that unforgettable train journey, you are never drinking it alone because chai is supposed to be enjoyed with the people you love so that you can create new memories while reminiscing the old ones.

If someone asks you, why do you drink tea? We bet that there are going to be infinite answers to that question. You will surely say one thing for sure that who doesn’t drink tea? Everyone drinks tea despite they like it not because tea is something that you can never say no to. Be it summers or winter, a cup of tea can give you relief, peace, soothe you on cold days and calm you from those painful migraines, it is a medicine for every little ache of yours.

Chai is a simple drink, milk, and water boiled together with tea leaves, cardamom, ginger, chai masala and poured in a classic glass cup. But what makes it special is the connection is established between the people sipping it. Chai becomes like an occasion for meeting old pals, establishing new connections, bringing together like-minded individuals, basically, a therapy that we all look for in some or the manner.

Chai being the most inexpensive drink on this entire planet has the greatest ability to create, establish and cherish the most expensive memories that you will never forget.



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