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Know the complete story, Journey of Ashwini Amruttulya Tea!

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

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Our story

The amazing taste that touches everyone's heart.

Excellent taste and proper cleanliness give Ashwini Amruttulya tea a different look. The taste of our tea makes you feel fresh. This keeps your whole day full of enthusiasm. We have prepared this tea keeping in mind the cleanliness and health. Seeing the quality of Ashwini tea, you will definitely recommend it to your family and friends. We currently have 450+ active franchises all over India.

जब भी TEA की बात होती है तो लोग यही कहते है  Ye Wale Amruttulya ही BEST है.. 

Our Mission

Identifying new and good tastes to customers. Give good quality to our customer. Become a successful marketer with happy & satisfied customer.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best quality tea to our customers. Building a successful business with a target of having 500 franchises all over India.

Our Promise

We promise to work harder to make special tea that you can trust. Sweeteners, fillers became increasingly common elsewhere. 

Cardamom Tea Flavoured Chai


Nutmeg Flavoured Amruttulya Chai


Cloves flavoured Amruttulya Chai

You can get many benefits by eating cardamom. It keeps your blood pressure normal and strengthens the digestive system. Cardamom can easily fight diseases that cause bad breath. Cardamom helps a lot to stay stress free.


Consumption of cloves increases appetite, stops vomiting, stomach gas, excessive thirst problems and phlegm-bile defects are cured. Along with this, you can get benefit by using cloves in blood disorders, respiratory disease, hiccups and tuberculosis.

Amruttulya Franchise Tea, Franchise Yewale Amruttulya, Amruttulya Chai, Amruttulya Chai Franchise
Cinnamon Flavoured Amruttulya Chai

Nutmeg is rich in many nutrients and properties. If you use nutmeg in food, it also takes care of your digestive system along with increasing taste and aroma in the food. Taking it increases appetite and relieves stomach related diseases like constipation, gas, indigestion, stomach cramps and diarrhea.


Cinnamon, which keeps the heart healthy, contains many nutrients that help protect the body from other health problems. Digestive disorders, teeth, and headaches, skin diseases, menstrual problems can be cured with the use of cinnamon.

Start your own business with Ashwini Amruttulya Chai Franchise!

Ashwini Amruttulya Franchise Module - Nagpur, Amruttulya Chai Franchise

Get The Ashwini Amruttulya Tea Franchise

Become a part of Ashwini Amruttulya, an award winning company which has 450+ Franchises all over the India & counting.

Mr. Atul Khobragade - Award Ceremony - Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Tea
Mr. Atul Khobragade - Award Ceremony - Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai
Mr. Atul Khobragade - Mr. Nitin Gadkari - Award Ceremony - Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai
  • Can I start an Ashwini Amruttulya Tea Franchise business with low investment?
    Yes! Of course! We have 2 plans for you!
  • What is the total cost of the Ashwini Amruttulya Chai Franchise?
    There are two options: Golden Plan: 3 Lakhs & Diamond Plan: 4 Lakhs
  • What will we get in the Golden Plan & Diamond Plan?
    Golden Plan: You will get all kinds of Raw material. Diamond Plan: You will get all franchise opening material along with a cash counter & billing machine.
  • How much can we earn from the Tea franchise?
    Every Tea Cup covers 5 Rs. profit. If we sell 100 cups daily, the profit will be 500 Rs. per day & if we sell 1000 cups daily, the profit will be 5000 Rs. Per day

Reasons Why Ashwini Amrutulya Tea Is Best

Taste And Quality

Ashwini Amruttulya has made its interesting personality reason for uncommon, distinctive taste and quality.


Unique Formula

Ashwini Amruttulya has found a unique formula of tea powder and masala which is beneficiary for human body and health.


Healthy & Hygienic Tea

Our priority is to provide healthy and
hygienic tea to our customers.

Amruttulya Chai Franchise,
Ashwini Amruttulya, Amruttulya Chai, Amruttulya Chai Franchise
Amruttulya Tea Franchise India - Nagpur, Amruttulya Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai, Amruttulya Tea
Ashwini Amruttulya Tea Franchise India - Nagpur, Amruttulya Chai Franchise, Amruttulya Chai, Amruttulya Tea

Kindness relationship, service of humility, high quality tea, immense cleanliness, eye-catching outlet Ashwini Amruttulya tea.

Ashwini Amruttulya Tea Franchise Head Office Nagpur.
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